Module 1: The Islamic Framework for Mental Wellbeing
Introduces the Islamic Framework to Mental Wellbeing with a focus on the benefits of gratitude and patience and perseverance as proactive tools to maintain a good mental wellbeing.

Module 2A: Mental Illness, Mental Health and Wellness
Introduces core concepts that constitute the different levels of mental health as well as the Islamic principles that offer a religiously and culturally relevant lens through which to understand them. This section also covers what is understood by family and community wellness using a holistic Islamic framework to discuss the reach of the topic.

Module 3: Stress Care for Students & Caregivers
Introduces the topic of stress care, grounding and mindfulness exercises contextualized to a classroom and school settings. This module offers hands-on tips and activities for students, caregivers and teachers using an Islamic lens.

Gratitude and Mental Wellbeing

The impact of practicing ‘gratitude’ in our daily lives is investigated backed by research and an Islamic Framework.  

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