About Islam Awareness Project

About Islam Awareness Project

About MAC Islam Awareness -
A Project with Ontario Ministry of Education

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is collaborating with the ministry of Education in Ontario to create digital resources for Islamophobia awareness and prevention in Ontario’s education system.

The Muslim Association of Canada is an education driven organization and a voice for the larger Muslim community. MAC has successfully implemented online learning for all of its full time and part time schools, in which educators, students and parents were able to easily transition to as Canada began to face the challenges of the Pandemic. MAC also launched their E-Learning platform in 2020, in which community members were able to access informative and spiritual courses for free. MAC has also previously developed and presented workshops on Islamophobia for different organizations and on multiple platforms.

The MAC Islam Awareness digital resources are composed of mini courses, workshops, videos and infographics that are built to engage with students, parents and educators through an anti-racism and diversity lens. The educational digital resources are developed to raise awareness on racism and discrimination in all its forms, and particularly on Islamophobia. Through this project, MAC looks forward to supporting the ministry of Education in ensuring that racial discrimination is eliminated and  Islamophobia is eradicated in the school system in Ontario.

The Objective of MAC Islam Awareness Project

Through this project MAC hopes that these digital resources and workshops are used by educators, students and parents through Ontario’s education system to raise awareness about Islam & Islamophobia. MAC is confident that the outcomes of this educational project will create a safer space and experience for students and educators.

What You Can Gain from MAC Islam Awareness Project

 Our Islam Awareness resources include:

  • Digital resources for professional development workshops for teachers on Islamophobia awareness.
  • Informative video series and infographics for educators and students.
  • E-learning courses and resources for educators and students on Islamophobia. the three courses are composed of modules and short videos that address:
    • Islamic beliefs, practices and values to increase awareness about Muslims
    • Discovering root causes for Islamophobia and how to stop it
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