Testimonials from Educators

"Firstly - I'm totally blown away by the quantity, quality, research, details and broad coverage of content in this course!!!! I also REALLY liked the component of reflection and journaling that took the course to a more introspective level. What was most important to me as an educator was being given more language and specificity around subtle islamophobia so I can disrupt conversations between collogues that are contain racism / islamophobia. Also, my own greater appreciation for Islam as a multi-faceted community."
Teacher at EPSB
“Toolkits are very beneficial for the classroom from younger students to older. Easy to use! Inclusivity is such a huge part of our program. Your resource helps me better understand the topic of Islam/Islamophobia. It is something I can refer to when I am unsure about answering a student's question. I really like how everything is accessible for the educator. There are so many times that we 'google' topics and many times when we are misinformed. Knowing this is a collaboration of MAC with Ontario Ministry of Education is extremely helpful. Your modules are easy to follow and will be a valued resource.”
Teacher at HDSB
“I had questions that were answered in the courses and videos, so great job covering all aspects from where it stems from, religious traditions, etc.”
Teacher at EPSB
“The videos were great. They are easy to understand and follow. The concepts were broken down perfectly. I think this was really well done.”
Teacher at EPSB
“I enjoyed how the sections of each course are "bite size". They give a great deal of information but it is not overwhelming. It would be easy to apply these modules cross-curricularly and could be adapted by the teacher to suit the age group they teach. They could also be delivered as-is for secondary classes or post-secondary students. ”
Teacher at PDSB
“I think pausing during videos and asking educators to reflect on specific questions is a great tool and way to really engage the audience. Reflection questions really allow educators to understand their own idea of how they perceive Islam and to what extent they experience islamophobia. The site is easy to navigate and downloadable presentations for future use is great for teachers! The infographics summarize ideas clearly and are great to use in classrooms with students.”
Teacher at EPSB

Testimonials from Community Organizers

“I like that there is a mixture of learning formats - lectures, infographics, other websites. As a non-teacher, I can only imagine that having multiple formats and levels of information would be helpful in this regard.”
Non-Profit Manager and Facilitator
“Experiential learning - personally I think is a powerful way to teach the content you've provided. Great job! ”
Non-Profit Director

Testimonials from the Speakers

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