How to Use

How to Use

About Islam Awareness

The Muslim Association of Canada, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Ontario,  has launched the Islam Awareness Project as a platform to raise awareness about Islam & Islamophobia.

Islam Awareness includes a set of digital resources, online courses, workshops, videos and infographics that have been catered to educate, and engage, with administrators, educators, students and parents through an anti-racism and diversity lens. The content is developed, and delivered, by Muslim scholars, educators, community activists, and parents who have brought together their lived experiences and specialized knowledge and training to bring a learning experience that is concise, engaging, and connected to the current anti-Islamophobia discourse.

How to Use Site Content

Here are suggestions on how to use the content:

Take the 3 Courses

We encourage administrators and educators to take the three MAC Islam Awareness courses. Our courses are flexible and can be taken at your own pace. You will be able to expand your knowledge base on Islam, Islamophobia and how to engage with your Muslim students, creating an environment that is welcoming and safe for all. The 3 courses offered are:

    1. Introduction to Islam for Educators: This course addresses some core principles that guide the mental, spiritual, and physical spheres of a Muslim’s life. The course answers the questions: What is Islam?  What are the core beliefs, concepts, practices, and values that Muslims embody? 
    2. Dismantling Islamophobia in Schools: Educators will gain a holistic understanding of Islamophobia in terms of its scope and manifestations, offering an alternative to the intersecting systems which enable it. The course answers the questions: What is Islamophobia? Where did it come from? How can we deal with it in ourselves and in our classrooms?
    3. Islam Awareness & Anti-Islamophobia Resources: The course offers a set of easily customizable workshops that are ready to be delivered.  Every workshop incorporates Ontario’s equity and inclusive education strategy and a culturally responsive lens through hands-on and engaging ways of learning about the daily lives and practices of Muslims.

To start a course please click the “Start Learning” ot “Continue to lesson” button on the right. Subtitles for the video lessons are available in various languages, to turn them on, please click the subtitle (cc) button on each video.

Deliver/ Attend Workshops

We provide Islam awareness and anti-Islamophobia resources, including workshops for teachers and students. These are a set of practical workshops that can also be easily customized and ready to deliver within your learning environments. Be that within the classroom, or as a professional development session for educators and administrators. The workshops can be found in Course 3 content – Islam Awareness & Anti-Islamophobia Resources, and under Resources in ‘Toolkits’.


We provide infographics on Islam and Islamophobia to fulfill the needs of different stakeholder groups such as administrators, educators, parents and students. Read through them and share with friends and family! You can also have it professionally printed and used in your learning spaces.

Supplementary Resources

We provide a comprehensive list of supplementary resources for your reference. These resources elaborate or address specific topics. You are encouraged to go through them for more information on a specific topic of interest. The resources include websites, other online courses, research and journal articles and teaching resources.

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