Dismantling Islamophobia in Schools

Nakita Valerio
Nakita Valerio
Asma Ahmadi
Dr. Asma Ahmed
Last Update September 9, 2022
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About This Course

Through this course, educators will gain a holistic understanding of Islamophobia in terms of its scope and manifestations, offering an alternative to the intersecting systems which enable it. 

This course answers the very basic questions: What is Islamophobia? Where did it come from? How can we deal with it in ourselves and in our classrooms? This module will inspire educators to move forward as active agents to help support Muslim students, to help other students unlearn their Islamophobic biases, and to make space for a more authentic awareness of Islam and Muslims. The sections include: 

  • Looking Inward: Countering Personal Islamophobia
  • Examining the Outer World: Structural/Institutional Islamophobia
  • Exploring Compounded Oppressions: Intersectional Islamophobia
  • Questioning Realities: Islamophobia as an Ideology


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Learning Objectives

Understand Islamophobia: What is it? Where did it come from? How can we deal with it in ourselves and in our classrooms?
Develop an awareness of unconscious bias and how prejudice and discrimination against Muslims can manifest in educational settings.
Understand how social positionality impacts one's power and privilege, or exposes marginalized groups like Muslims to increased discrimination, harassment and violence.

Material Includes

  • No materials required.


  • Recommended to take Islam for Educators as a prerequisite.

Target Audience

  • Teachers, Educators, and Parents/Guardians

Your Instructors

Nakita Valerio

Research Director at the Institute for Religious and Socio-Political Studies

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Nakita Valerio is an award-winning writer, researcher, and Muslim community organizer based on Treaty 6 territory, Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton, Canada). She is honoured to serve as the Research Director for the Institute for Religious and Socio-Political Studies (I-RSS), as well as the Editor-in-Chief for the RSS Journal. She is a graduate in history and Islamic-Jewish studies from the University of Alberta and has been a research fellow with the Tessellate Institute, I-RSS, the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) and Mercy Mission Canada (MMC).  Nakita also acts as an academic strategist/mentor for graduate students in the disciplines of history, religious studies, sociology, and social work. She also serves as an advisor to the Chester Ronning Center for the Study of Religion and Public Life at the University of Alberta.

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Dr. Asma Ahmed

Senior Instructional Designer at MAC Education Department

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Asma Ahmed has a PhD in Critical Policy and Educational Leadership from Western University. She is currently working as an adjunct professor in Niagara University in the College of Education. She is also the Senior Instructional Designer at the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). Asma regularly conducts workshops for preservice teacher candidates and the Faculty in Departments of Education on supporting Muslim students.

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