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Dismantling Islamophobia in Schools

20 Lessons
2.5 hours
All Levels

Through this course, educators will gain a holistic understanding of …

What you'll learn
Understand Islamophobia: What is it? Where did it come from? How can we deal with it in ourselves and in our classrooms?
Develop an awareness of unconscious bias and how prejudice and discrimination against Muslims can manifest in educational settings.
Understand how social positionality impacts one's power and privilege, or exposes marginalized groups like Muslims to increased discrimination, harassment and violence.

Introduction to Islam for Educators

19 Lessons
2.8 hours
All Levels

To bring an anti-Islamophobia framework within the classroom, one needs …

What you'll learn
To understand Islam and the core concepts that inform the Islamic worldview.
To understand the core beliefs, concepts, practices, and values that Muslims embody and how it translates into their lives.
To understand and address issues related to Islamophobia within the classroom and beyond.

Islam Awareness and Anti-Islamophobia Resources

6 Lessons
45 minutes
All Levels

This course includes a set of practical workshops which can …

What you'll learn
To have an inclusive education strategy and a culturally responsive lens in delivery of content related to the daily lives and practices of Muslims.
To gain an awareness of how to develop an anti-Islamophobia framework within our learning spaces in order to foster a safe space for all students.
To address how to support your Muslim students in your classrooms.
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